A solution for household clutter.


Tackling Household Clutter

Household clutter is a common problem that can be particularly hard to manage as we move, grow, and accumulate items in our lives. Focusing on sewing materials, this project addresses a specific clutter problem with a unique organizer to make sewing easier, compact, and portable for the everyday person.

February 2019 | Duration: 6 weeks | Individual Project

Problem Analysis and Market Research

Does not store other sewing materials.

After a exploring a variety of clutter scenarios, I chose to address sewing materials because of the variety of items involved. With many existing organizers, defining the issues within the problem helped me to understand what current organizers lack and identify opportunities for design. 

Stores little and Items must be a certain size to fit.
Bulky box lacking specific components to organize different items.
Takes up space and cannot be easily stored or moved.

Early Exploration

From collapsible and folding concepts to those that can be hung up or spun, this stage of the design process was meant to explore divergent design directions through sketches and prototypes.

New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_5.jpg
Hanging organizer that can be folded to stand
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_4.jpg
Spool organizer with compartments
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_2.jpg
Revolving organizer with bottom dish

Ideation and Prototyping

The next stage was to begin prototyping and testing ideas. Based on the gaps in existing solutions and early exploration, I established the following requirements to guide my design:

  • Hold materials for both hand-sewing and machine sewing

  • Lightweight, packable and portable

  • Versatile to accommodate a variety of tools and materials

  • Practical for someone who sews occasionally or as a hobby; assume the intended user owns some sewing materials and may not have a set workstation

New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_7.jpg
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_9.jpg
Testing different folding mechanisms

Concept Refinement

One of the most critical components was designing a system for the spools since these vary in size, occupy the most space, tangle and can be knocked over easily. Through sketches and testing, I developed a stand that minimizes space and keeps threads separated stacked while easily accessible. 

New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_12.jpg
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_13.jpg
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_15.jpg
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_16.jpg

With a concept in mind, I established measurements, component details, use cycle, and user scenarios. I visualized these through a low-fidelity model to test for real functionality and feel.

New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_19.jpg
New Doc 2019-04-26 15.27.27_18.jpg

Final Concept

The final design is a textile organizer and spool holder. Small items are held in clear vinyl pockets secured by Velcro, while larger tools are held securely in elastic slots. Sharp items such as needles and pins can be placed in the attached pin cushion. Spools are kept neatly stacked on a wooden stand and do not need to be removed to access thread. This stand can be detached from the rest of the organizer to rearrange the work environment for most practical use.

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