BMW Ski Goggles

A brand identity project.


Translating Brand Identity

In this team project, we took a well-known brand and created a new, unconventional product. By familiarizing ourselves with its history,  core values and design language, we sought to understand and strategically reinforce the famous BMW identity into an innovative pair of ski goggles.

April 2019 | Duration: 4 weeks | Team Project

Understanding the Brand

We started by researching the company's products and history to understand their values. We synthesized our findings into a research and product board. The words we used to describe the brand were: powerful, innovative, high quality, high performing, sporty, aggressive, proud, classy, precise, luxurious.

Visual research board outlining brand values, history, user demographic, and design language

Understanding the Product

​Based on BMW's demographic, we chose to design for middle-upper class users who appreciate high performance and luxury products in their everyday life. They are looking for a functional and sleek goggle design that can be used any time of day in all weather conditions. 

We researched and looked at various types of goggles. We chose design features that fit with the brand personality and the user persona we set out to design for.

Ski goggle research: special features, form, ventilation and materials

Concept Development

One constraint of this project was that we weren't allowed to use the company logo in our product. Instead we needed to effectively communicate the brand solely through design features. Our final design was inspired by the iconic BMW kidney-grille and is marked by fluid curves, sharp chamfers and tapered edges for a dynamic, sophisticated and bold aesthetic.

Goggle sketches.jpg
Design exploration
Goggle sketches.jpg
Goggle sketches.jpg
Refined design sketch
GoggleExplodedDetailsArtboard 1.png
Exploded view of goggles with feature details  

Modeling Process

Translating our 2D sketches into a 3D clay model required attention to detail, accuracy, and control. This stage allowed our team to make slight changes along the design process to better represent the BMW brand identity. Working at a 1:1 scale, we established an ideal goggle/lens size and carved out details such as air vents and recesses along the sides to show where the lens would be removed from.

Final Design

Our final presentation was an opportunity to explain our design process in more depth. We began by discussing the values, key words and design language we gathered from our brand research, then moved onto how we translated our findings into a new product line through sketching and modeling. We added the brand colours on the strap as a final visual accent that ties all our ideas together. 


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